The Investment


      All portrait shoots are 2 hours including setup. For that 2 hours it is $175.00, You can do whatever you want in those 2 hours. All additional time will be billed at 1/2 hour increments of $50 per. Mileage is billable after 20 miles at .57 (cents) per mile over 20 miles. Print purchases are available through contacting me at my EMAIL


      Weddings start at $2500(small wedding), they are very involved and many hours are involved in post production to deliver the best possible product to the newlyweds. All images when printed through me are archival which means they last the test of time. I do offer DVD's with the edited images and a limited print release for you to be able to print at your discretion for an additional cost. 

There are many contributing factors to determine a final price. The bigger the wedding, the more people (photographers, assistants) needed to make the day flow seamlessly and to make sure everything is covered at all times.

Please contact me for more details.

email Shannon       


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