Drone Video and Still Imaging

Real Estate 

Images of all sides of property

Starting at

$150 per 


Showcasing your clients property with our real estate aerial drone photography and video services can easily paint a picture for each potential buyer by highlighting the community and amenities on and near the listed property. Our real estate aerial drone photography services will help your listing stand out above other standard listings. We offer real estate aerial photography and video services for both residential and commercial real estate.

A  buyer can see things with drone imaging that you can't normally see in traditional photography and at a fraction of manned aircraft costs. Sell more properties faster using my service.  I offer a combination interior and drone package and I also offer the interior and drone imaging as a separate entity.

You can see my interior work HERE.

Video flyovers can be added, price will depend on the size of the property. $50 min.

NVDI Vegetation/HD Mapping

Agricultural Study

$15 per acre 

**over 50 acre $12 per**

By using a special camera that detects Near-Infrared wavelengths as well as regular red wavelengths, comparisons are made by a computer of the two different channels, resulting in a “normalized difference” through post-processing. NDVI has become a very successful method of calculating data, and remains one of the most popular reports today.

What the study shows:

Crop Hydration, Crop Health, Equipment Problems, Crop Maturity, Invasive plant or insect issues, Elevation mapping, 3d Modeling, and more!

Survey/3D Modeling

Aerial Mapping

Priced Per Contract

Ultra High Definition


When it comes to speed, there’s no comparison between drone mapping and land surveying. Land surveying requires long hours and carrying heavy equipment from one location to another. Instead of days or weeks, drone mapping takes minutes to complete a site survey with the same amount of accuracy as you would on foot. Drone mapping makes it possible for ad hoc flights of entire sites or specific areas of projects to gain easy access to the most up-to-date information on a site on regular basis.

3D Modeling

Drone data capture allows a fast, safe and cost effective approach to accurate 3D model rendering. Drones have a wide range of applications that can benefit from data collection for 3D model renderings. Talk to our team to about how applications and capabilities can be extended to mapping, construction projects, oil and gas, real estate, etc.

Construction Progress and Inspections

$200  Minimum

Construction Progress

Drone technology is a perfect approach for communicating to owners by monitoring the progress of their construction projects. Our high resolution drone video capabilities can be used not only to monitoring existing projects but can help with bid procurement as well. Keep owners and investors up to date with drone photography and drone video that regularly monitors and showcases the progress of any construction project.


Monitor the condition of structures using drone photography or video is not only a safe method but a cost effective approach to traditional inspection methods. Cost savings can come in several ways including minimizing the need for scaffolding or cranes. It is also a safe way to reach difficult structures that would take complex rigging to inspect. High resolution drone aerial photography and drone video can easily inspect and identify areas for future maintenance and repair.

Images are secured in a passworded gallery with a name of your choosing. With that gallery you are able to share with your teams as needed so there is no storage need on your part for the high resolution images.


BJC Veterans

Progress and Assessment

Search and Rescue

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